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Got a topic in mind? I design customized workshops with tools & techniques for your audience keeping the requirements in mind.


All my sessions are highly interactive and engage the target audience throughout the length of the workshop.

Is there Power in your


As an employer, you by now understand that your employees cannot always leave their personal life at the door when they walk into office every day.


Whatever baggage or struggles they carry will stay with them during the workday. Which is why more and more corporates are investing in self-help education for their workforce.


As an Inspirational Speaker & Success Coach, I teach people how to be their best selves.  





How can I help your team?

From Team-building to Goal-setting to Energy boosters, my INTERACTIVE SESSION will spark new levels of both Positivity and Productivity in your most valuable asset: your employees.


What will I talk about?

  • The difference between a comfortable life and a charged one

  • The typical pain points for today’s Indian men and women

  • What’s holding them back from being happier and more productive

  • How to develop clarity, courage, and consistency around their goals

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Who can benefit?

  • Those who are looking for a healthy work-life balance

  • People who have high stress at home, that in turn affects their work

  • Anyone who wants to form the right attitude to expand their skillsets

  • People who want higher levels of energy and productivity

  • Anyone who wants to develop leadership skills

  • A company that wants harmony between employees & departments


What will the attendees walk away with?

  • An awakening to their true potential

  • Clarity on their goals & a road map to achieve them

  • Freedom from the mindset that’s been limiting them

  • Deeper bonds with each other

  • An interactive and entertaining experience that inspires them


What’s the


  • The format is customised to suit your company's needs

  • Can be a 1 or 2 day session, a weekly hour long session, etc.

  • Expect lots of exercises both interactive and introspective


What are my



  • Train The Trainer Program by Puja Puneet (who trained under Jack Canfield)

  • Attended Multiple NAC Conferences 2016 onwards every year till 2019 organized by Success Gyan, Surendran Jayasekar

  • CEO of Life by Deepak Shinde

  • The Inner Circle Program (TIC) by Rajiv Talreja and Quantum Leap Team

  • Super Power Live twice by Eric Ho & team

  • Public Speaking Course by Deepak Shinde



  • Transformation Course by Brian Tracy

  • Imagination to Manifestation by Vikash Kishore Singh


Where else have

I spoken?

  • Tesco Women Leadership Council Bangalore, 2010 - Talk on Why Women play an important role in Leadership

  • Igate Software Testing summit Hyderabad - Talk on  Agile Way of working for Software Testers)

  • Sabre Cooperate Services, Annual Event - Personality Development & Confidence Building

  • TEI Business Events Bangalore, 2016 - Self Development Topics

  • Legacy BNI Chapters Presenting my Business Idea , 2017

  • Global Leadership Trip TEI in Thailand, 2019

  • Internet Income Academy, Trainer - How to generate Income sitting at home leveraging on Internet

  • Flew down to Singapore for Top Achievers meet from TEI 

  • Deepak Shinde CEO of Life, Pune - keynote addresses

  • Conducted Self Development workshops for a group of women in Thailand  and Singapore as part of TEI

Get in Touch

If you have questions about the program, call Leena's office at 95913 50355 or email us at

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"Leena is a combination of intelligence and heart. She understands the challenges of women in today’s world and beautifully crafts solutions. The world needs more Leena! 
She is definitely going to leave a legacy of touching many lives"


Life Coach, Trained by Jack Canfield

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