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How to bridge the gap between what you want and where you are

Updated: Jul 4, 2020

This morning I woke up with a gigantic smile. I grabbed my coffee and sat out on the balcony. As the warm sun fell on my face, I looked out with gratitude at the shining light falling on me through the plants in my garden.

I’ve spent the past couple days just working for someone which I never felt fulfilling. Today, I am setting up my business for helping women - living my dream life, but it wasn’t always this way.

Five years ago, when I first walked away from corporate, I felt stuck and trapped. I had a dream to work from anywhere in the world and be able to travel whenever I wanted, but I didn’t know how to bridge the gap between what I wanted and where I was at the time.

  • Can you relate?

  • Do you fantasize about your future but don’t know how to get there?

  • Do you have anxiety about your future because you feel trapped by your current reality?

Many of us have a hard time living our dream life because we feel stuck. The good news is living your dream life is a process. And when you know the process, you can apply it to your life and watch your dreams come true fast.

To get what you want, you have to train your brain to focus only on what you want, not on what is.

If you want to bridge the gap between what you want and where you are, try these tips. They have helped me gracefully step into my life and I am still in process of living it. This process helped me realize my potential, travel beautiful places in the world, attract the best people in my life, open my own company to help other women with their grand dreams, manifestation is on the way.


There is a secret to getting what you want and it comes down to this simple process.

Step 1: Set Your Intention

Set your intention and write it down on paper. There is a power in this process. You are essentially putting in your order to the universe. This becomes a declaration to help you align with clarity.

Step 2: Go on a Future Field Trip – Visualize

To get what you want faster, spend time each day picturing it in your head. Your brain doesn’t know the difference between what is real or fake. By focusing on what you want, you will get it much faster because your brain goes to work on how to make it happen.

Step 3: Take Action

Most of us feel worried about our future because we are unclear. Clarity comes from taking action. So the more action you take the more clear you become. What action can you take today to help you get what you want?

Step 4: Release Expectation

Five years ago, I took action to bridge the gap between where I was and where I wanted to be. Every day, I put the process into play by releasing the outcome and my expectations of the situation. By trusting the process, the universe was able to swoop in and reward me with these amazing opportunities.


We all have important goals that deserve to be realized. Your dreams matter. Try these four easy steps to help you get the life you truly want.

Which goal will you work on manifesting by using these steps? Leave your comments below.

Remember the Universe & God is watching and he has your back – Get Started Today!

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