INTUITION vs. FEAR: How to tell the difference

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

How do you know the difference between intuition and fear? Or, put otherwise, how do you know if you are making the right choice? On our journey to living life fully we often brush up against emotional walls that represent our comfort zone, especially when we long for something more than we currently have.

Recognize that right before a breakthrough there is usually a surge of insecurity, self-doubt and fear. This is why sometimes things get worse before they get better. Jumping from one stage of your life into the next can be nerve racking, especially if you don’t know if it’s fear or intuition in the driver’s seat.

I remember when fear kept me paralyzed and in a corporate job I hated long past my expiration date.

It wasn’t until I recognized the difference between fear and intuition that I saw the powerful potential of releasing the fear in order to access my dreams.

I’ve identified 5 powerful ways you can learn to understand whether fear or intuition is in control. After adopting these 5 TIPS you will be a “clear your fear” master.

1. Do you feel expansive or restricted?

Do you feel excited, passionate and open to the possibilities of moving forward? Or do you feel trapped, stuck, and restricted? If you feel open and expansive it is your intuition showing you the right path, though fear will still try to make you feel small and powerless.

2. Do you feel joyful or anxious?

If you feel at peace and in joy when you think about the situation it is driven from your intuitive guidance. Your inner voice will never lead you into an anxious experience. If you feel anxiety or frustration when you think about the situation, it is fear.

3. Does it feel loving, or dark and heavy?

Recognize that only love is real. Although there are fears related to life and death situations, like a bear chasing you in the woods, mental fear is a story we create in our own heads. For example, if you are safely cuddled in your sleeping bag in your zipped-up tent while imagining a bear chasing you, that is mental fear. Mental fear is dark and heavy and it is not loving at all. If you are ever confused in the moment ask “Is this thought loving?” If it is not, repeat the mantra: “Only love is real.”

4. Is it in your heart or your head?

If you think a lot about the situation, or you over-analyse the outcome, it comes from your head, and chances are, it is fear-based. When you feel the outcome, the feelings and the driver of those emotions emanate from your heart.

5. Do you feel pulled or pushed?

This trick is the best way to know if fear or intuition is guiding you. If you feel pulled to do something because of a passion, loving desire or yearning in your heart, then it is intuition driving you in the right direction. If you feel pushed, as if you have to do something, or if you feel obligated to stay in a situation that feels confining, you can bet fear is leading that rampage.


As always, I’d love to hear your take on this topic.

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