3 Ways to Reclaim your happiness

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

Do you feel lonely, isolated, or sad?

Being happy can often feel like a chore, especially when you’re depressed, stressed from life drama or suffering from anxiety.

I have a mantra poster on my wall that reads in big bold letters,

Happiness is not a destination but a way of life

It is a daily reminder that we have an opportunity to be present and practice reaching joy in each moment.

Many of my clients express their dissatisfaction with where they are in life. They say things like

  • When I get clear about my purpose then I can be happy

  • When I pay off my debt then I will be happy

  • When I meet my soul mate then I can finally be happy

Can you relate?

Most of us put off our happiness because we wrap it up with expectations and tightly secure it into our future dreams. In our pursuit, we sometimes forget how far we’ve actually come.

When we can turn down the mind and drop to the heart, we can see many of us are actually doing a phenomenal job at navigating the crucial parts of life. In the spirit of every awesome day we live I put together a list of easy to do happiness tricks. Choosing to be happy is as simple as shifting small habits in each moment.

If you are feeling stressed out by life, these tips will help you reclaim your happiness:

1. Get Out of Your Head

Overthinking can actually hurt your happiness. Most of us spend so much time in our head – wondering how it can work, when we will get what we want, what if it doesn’t works – that we aren’t taking action to get what we want. Instead of thinking about the situation you want, what action can you take to get it?

2. Conscious Smiling

Smiling is simple, easy and free, yet we don’t do it often enough. For the next week, smile at everyone you meet or see. EVERYONE. Try it out and watch how fast your happiness levels increase. When we Smile at tough situation – Universe gives us more as we are ready to for next version of our life.

3. Let It Go

Elsa from Frozen chanted this mantra for a reason. Holding on to situations, people, beliefs or patterns that no longer serve us hurts us emotionally. We can’t be happy or move forward when we are holding on to things that drag us down. Do yourself a favour today and let it go.

My biggest lesson has been, when you live in the present - life starts to truly communicate with you. Your ability to handle your emotions and your negativity becomes so much easier. Negative thoughts pass by so easily when you are present and happy.


I hope you are inspired to incorporate some of these lessons into your life if you aren’t practicing them already!

What do you plan to let go of this week? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

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