3 Simple SECRETS TO SUCCEED in what you do

Updated: Aug 3, 2020

When I started my Network marketing business , people use to ask me how you were so successful in setting up the business with the team size of 2k in span of 2 years of starting.

Here's how:

1. You must find a mentor

First find out who is dominating in this industry. Who is the person who has the results? In everything I did before coming to Network Marketing business, YouTube, fb, I always find out who is it that really rocks in this industry right now. You can’t play the guessing game. You can be SMART learning from your mistakes or you can be WISE learning from others mistakes. Find someone who inspires you, someone whom you love the energy...you feel like 'Wow I want to be like that!' - That’s your mentor

2. Model - Follow Step by Step

Follow Step by Step process taught to you. Surrender yourself completely. Don’t apply your intelligence there, just follow the coach, Trust your Mentor and follow blindly. Master the form and flow with the form.

3. Flow with your Creativity

Once you get the foundation build now you are ready to add your creativity. For e.g. I remember when we had to build the house, we just went to someone who has built the house already , when the person tells me to set the brick right , I will place right I can’t use my intelligence and say No I will place left . But once foundation is done then I use my creativity and now decorate the house and change it around. Do your testing with your creativity.

That’s the whole philosophy of life – Whether you want success in your job, career, and making money – just follow these 3 things and be ready to change your life.


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