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It's Law


Change Your VIBE, Change Your LIFE

Raise Your Vibration and Attract Your Dream Life Now.


LIMITED TIME FAST ACTION BONUS: If you register for the Masterclass “MASTER THE LAW OF VIBRATION MASTERCLASS” event today, you’ll get my Beginners Manifestation Roadmap & Ritual Checklist absolutely FREE… You’ll get an additional 4+ hours of manifesting secrets I reveal over 8 videos, on top of the Manifesting event (5000INR value, yours FREE when you register today).

Don't miss to join this Masterclass where you'll learn:


What is the Law of Vibration

And how do you make it 'Work' for you so you get what you want... and not what you don't.


 Mastering Your Vibe 
Since you don't get what you want, but who you are, you've got to master your vibe if you're going to master the Law of Attraction.


How to Manifest using the Law of Vibration

What is Manifestation and 11 ways to boost the Law of Vibration efficiency in your life! 



Hello Beautiful Soul,

I'm a Certified Life Coach, Ho'oponopono Healer, LOA Certified Coach .


My Mission is to guide, teach, coach and empower people to use their thoughts ,feelings, Energy as a guide to living a life full of harmony, love and happy days.


I want to help people understand the power of their alignment and to use it to live a life that they choose rather than a life that chooses them.


My Vision -I want to dedicate my life to support one person at a time through their journey of awakening to a reality where they can choose the experiences they want to have in their lives. To stand by them through their internal process of becoming more aware, complete and empowered to choose how they want to feel moment to moment.


I’ve always felt like an alien attempting to fit in to a world, and a bunch of systems, that never made any sense to me. From grade school and beyond, I’ve been questioning why we’re told we "should" do things a certain way - and instead finding my own way to a life that feels free, fulfilling, creative, and like it’s helping the world (actually, universe) shift into a new way of being.


Over the years I’ve realized this process of feeling free, living outside what's "normal" and doing work that challenges the status quo actually takes more unlearning of cultural programming, family patterns, and personal habits and fears than anything else. Basically, we’ve been allllll messed up by our past and we need to shed all those layers to become the fully expressed version of ourselves that we all so deeply desire.


Hear this: there's nothing wrong with you. You're not broken.


You're an infinite, spiritual consciousness that's been stuffed into a human suit and told to conform to an arbitrary set of rules decided a long time ago by some other humans who had it super twisted.


And it's time to set you free.


Your truest self, your authentic self, has all the answers you need already… and I can’t wait to help you discover them in my Masterclass

It contains all the principles that changed my life. Now it’s your turn

Are you willing to Take Charge of Your Life and Thrive even in Uncertain Times?

In this Signature Class by Leena, you'll discover... 


Uncover Subconscious Programming 

That has been controlling your decisions and behavior


Heal Old Wounds


That are draining you of your true potential 


Identify & Release

The beliefs that are no longer serving you, and actually hold you back from achieving your ultimate vision


Create New Mental Programming


That empowers you to respond differently and get better results in everything you do


The "Set It and Forget It" Manifesting Process


This is how I've manifested my Angel daughter, dream home, purpose work, and more... by doing it only ONCE (no daily mantras, vision boards, etc)


How to reprogram your mind for abundance 


This helps a lot if you have negative self-talk or you tend to self-sabotage a lot.


Identify3 biggest blocks to manifesting


How you can fix them immediately.





And Many More...



and When You Make

You'll Be Able to Manifest More Abundance in 24-48 Hours..."

You need to install *ZOOM* Video Application on your phone or laptop to attend this LIVE Masterclass.

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