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Manifest your wildest dreams

 & Design a life you love!

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"Leena is a combination of intelligence and heart. She understands the challenges of women in today’s world and beautifully crafts solutions. The world needs more Leena! 
She is definitely going to leave a legacy of touching many lives"


Life Coach, Trained by Jack Canfield

Stop Settling! Take Charge Of Your Life And Thrive. Even In Uncertain Times

Live it Up! 2020

Spend 4 hours weekly over 7 weeks and learn to achieve any goal you can dream of!



Unlock your potential

Learn what's holding you back & kick it to the curb


Attract what you want

Master the Law of Attraction to attract everything you desire


Discover your goals

Clarify your life's

purpose & goals


Use the Law of Vibration

 Increase your connection with the divine intelligence


Find your Balance

Make yourself & your family happier at the same time

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Become your best self

Move out of your comfort zone to truly achieve your goals

The time is NOW!

Reconnect with who you REALLY are, you are amazing, the world needs YOU and your magic!

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Learn to TRULY live a life by design!

In just 7 weeks (4 hours every week) you will learn:

  • How to take Responsibility for your life

  • Your "Big Why" that's behind everything you want

  • What Limiting Beliefs are holding you back

  • What YOUR definition of Success is

  • The Empowered Mindset of a goal achiever

  • How to use the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want

  • How the Law of Vibration can super charge your manifestation practice

  • How to be truly become Confident in all areas of your life

This program is a MUST for you if

  • There is so much you want to accomplish but you can't seem to get there

  • You have a comfortable life so you feel like you shouldn't want more, but you DO

  • You've lost your identity in being a mother, wife, and daughter-in-law

  • You feel like there is something more you could be doing with your life, but you aren't sure what that is

  • You want to experience deeper joy, passion, and abundance in everything that you do



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Leena has inspired me (and dozens of others) in countless ways with her perseverance, tenacity, and innate ability to develop people into leaders.

Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone, instilling in me the importance of self care, and for making sure I never settled for anything but the best. 

- Mrs. Dhanya Uthappa

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Live it Up! 2020

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Live it Up! with Leena

 ₹50,000   ₹9,999

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  • 28 hours of LIVE sessions with Leena (14 sessions of 2 hours each)

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45 DAYS 100% Money Back Guarantee

If you don't feel a massive difference in your life after you complete the program, learn all the lessons & practise all the strategies, we'll return your money

If you have questions about the program, call Leena's team at 95913 50355 or email us at

See FAQs for more details

Live it Up! to make a DIFFERENCE

For every person who registers for my course,

10% of what I earn will be donated to 2 charities close to my heart.

Your greatness is not what you have, it's what you give!
Frequently Asked Questions



Still not sure this is for you?

Let's chat over a FREE Clarity call for 30 mins 

(see FAQs for more details)

I am scared to invest, not sure if this is the right time?

It is totally natural to feel scared and let your fears talk you out of this investment. But ask yourself this- what will change in 6 months’ time if you don’t take action today? 80% of my clients were petrified about investing but the thought of remaining the same scared them even more. Plus as soon as you re-programme your mindset, take action and master the business side it will naturally make you progress further and quicker in your business which will make you more money, so you will have made your investment back in no time at all!

Do you offer discounts?

I offer a fast action discount on private coaching, so ask about this beauty on our call. When paid in full.

Do you offer payment plans?

I sure do! I understand that not everyone has a pot of self development funds so I like to make it as manageable as possible. I also accept credit cards for payments.

What if I don’t have the time?

In life we make time for what we want to make time for. The clients I work with, have 'change' as a high priority so they put their all into the program for the 7 weeks.

The content is sent out weekly (every Monday) so you have the whole week to work on the content at your own pace. The work is all designed to be easy to digest and implement.

What will I learn in this program?

You will first learn how to take responsibility for your life, and how to change mindsets that have been holding you back from progress. Then I will take you deep into the Law of Attraction and teach you practices that will empower you to manifest whatever it is you want in life. Finally, I will also teach you about the Law of Vibration, which is about increasing your energy frequency so that your manifestation practice becomes all the more powerful. Within all this information, you will learn things that drastically improve your relationships and quality of life.

What will the format be?

The program runs over Zoom Live Calls weekly Tue & Fri with Leena:

You can expect explanation of theory, followed by lots of exercises, both individual and interactive. We will go deep into each topic until you fully you grasp it.

There will be a tea break as well as lunch.

How do I know if I need this program?

Do you feel that there is much more you could be doing and experiencing? Could you be experiencing more joy and satisfaction? Could you have better and more loving relationships? Have your childhood dreams of professional success been cast to the side? Could you be creating more or making more money? Do you feel that you’re living life on autopilot? If you answer YES to any of these questions, you need this program!

How does the guarantee work?

First, you have to attend the entire program from start to finish. Take part in the sessions actively and do the exercises and activities earnestly. If you do so and at the end of the program feel that it was not worth what you paid, let Leena know during the feedback portion and you will get your money back within 45 Days. It’s that simple.

Who can I contact if I have more questions

You can call or message Leena's team at +91 95913 50355 or email the Live it Up office at

Are the calls LIVE in the group program?

They sure are! But I understand that due to time differences and commitments that not everyone can jump on live. Don’t panic, all coaching calls are recorded and posted in the group for you to watch at your own convenience.

What is a Clarity Call

It’s a relaxed chat. It’s a great chance for us to have a chat and see if I can help you and if so how but more importantly it’s see if we click. I am NOT one of the pushy coaches that just wants a sale. I want a connection, I don’t work with everyone I speak to. I want to work with my dream client so that’s why a Clarity call works perfectly for us to have a chat and see if we both feel we want to work together.