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'Confidence Booster Challenge'

Your Secret Formula to Unleash Unstoppable Confidence, so that you step into superpower and build your empire

An online group program for aspiring entrepreneurs/  entrepreneurs ready to create unstoppable confidence, so they can sell with ease, show up as the expert and build their empire.


Admission fee for this course is INR 99 Only

Are you…

Showing up on Social Media but don’t feel confident enough to stand as the authority in your field?

Tired of watching everyone else show up and ooze confidence and leadership and you’re wishing you could do the same?


Having the ‘I’m not good enough’ thought pop into your head a little too often and letting doubt slip in?


Falling into the comparison ‘trap’ and feeling that others in your niche are more of an expert than you?

Imagine a day like this…

You feel so confident in yourself and believe in your capabilities. You don’t have time to listen to the doubt because you are already taking action!

You show up on social media and on LIVE videos feeling empowered and ready.

Your ideal clients see you as the GO TO expert because you believe and know that you are.

You are watching your business soar, because your mindset and confidence is UNSTOPPABLE (as sure as the sun rising).

The Three Pillars of Success in Confidence Challenge

The Inner Work of Confidence

It is so important to look inside to change your external view. Looking at your negative self-talk, self-doubt and old habits allows you to shift, change and let go of the things that are no longer serving you.

The Vision of Your Best Self

Using my wonderful ‘Future Self Wand’ exercise, you will be tapping into your future (already present) best self. Creating the confident life of your dreams and speaking to the inner mentor to guide you towards it

Working through the strategies, techniques and my ‘Secret Confidence Formula’ for unstoppable confidence online (especially those scary FB Lives). Allowing you to show up, speak up and bring in those ideal clients.

Showing Up With Confidence

By the end of the program, you will...

Show up on social media as the GO-TO expert in your field.

Stop the chase and start attracting dream clients.

Have a clear roadmap to your BEST SELF vision, giving you unbelievably clear goals that you know you will achieve, confidently.

Be taking action, that’s for sure! Realising and owning the value of your experience and how it can help others.

Have broken free from negative thought patterns. Creating bulletproof self belief, being seen for how truly brilliant you are and feel unstoppable within yourself and your business. The only way is UP!

Make clear and decisive decisions in your business, because you have a strong trust for yourself and your ideas.

Feel completely confident in what you do, know that your business is successful and that you are inspiring those around you.

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Confidence Coaching & Cashflow is a place for powerful, ambitious  entrepreneurs, who are ready to create unstoppable confidence.
FREE live coaching, hypnosis tracks, epic support and an incredible community.

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