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Would you like a FREE audio coaching? 

Would you like a FREE audio coaching? 

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My Story
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I have always been a dreamer, entrepreneur, visionary, CEO of my life and now your Success Coach.

Right now life is pretty damn good BUT this hasn’t always been the case. Five years ago I had a radically different mindset.

I currently live in the Garden city of Bangalore, India since 2005. However, my childhood days were spent in humble town Jabalpur in Madhya Pradesh where I was an extremely introverted, shy girl with dreams of being in a leadership roles in large Multi-national companies.

I am a strong believer of the notion ‘whatever happens, happens for good’. So good things happened and a few years later I was studying MCA at Shimoga MCA where I found my life partner and within no time I found myself in a marriage, family and motherhood.

From the outside, my life looked incredible: I had the perfect husband (kind-hearted, wealthy & most important giving me freedom), an angel in my life who made me complete, nice cars, 2 owned flats in Bangalore, brilliant holidays, Leadership role in an MNC—everything was just wow! 

And yet, I woke up many mornings felt hollow and unfulfilled.

A voice in my head was screaming “Leena, there’s something more that you can be doing with your life!”

It left me feeling guilty and ungrateful because, in so many ways, my life was wonderful.

Slowly I found myself craving to get into the boots of a business with no idea of what to do. I remember when I was introduced to Network Marketing 22 May 2016 , it was a day that changed me completely, taught me much more than any business school could have taught.

I wanted to know how to create a happy and balanced life and yet be ambitious. 


I had reached a point in my life where I needed to make big changes and that meant investing in myself and investing in my dream.

I had to get rid of my own limiting beliefs as they were holding me back and I knew that I would never be able to have the life I dreamt of if I carried on the way I was. 

While working with my coach, I learnt how to handle my inner critics, got clarity on my priorities, and created an action plan. I redefined what success meant to me – Balance & Fulfilment.


And after tasting the new life I designed for myself, there was no looking back. I wanted to learn more of it and help the people who are on a similar journey. I spent the next couple of years learning.

I met a lot of coaches, attended a lot of seminars, and took many courses in the coaching industry. And this new knowledge clubbed with my lessons from working with family business and the inner strength to continue to work on myself has gotten me to where I am. 

Turns out it was the best decision I’ve ever made! Life is too freaking short to waste it plodding along. 'Take a chance' is what I say.

Life isn’t about what happens to you, it’s about how you react to it, and this is what I’ve learnt from all the adversities I have faced in my life. I was meant to go through all of these to make my experience to be able to help support and empower other woman as a coach!

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“You can have results or excuses you just can’t have both”

I love this quote from Arnold Schwarzenegger

Through my own transformational journey, I discovered my great purpose in life, to help people convert their beautiful dreams into a reality. I love to empower women to breakthrough their limiting beliefs, unleash their limitless power and make their vision actionable! Through her authentic vulnerability, powerful voice, strong intuition, and energy empower them to activate their highest potential.


Real happiness is when you are able to share your knowledge and wisdom for the growth and development of others.

Join me to create this MOMENTUM together!


My Qualifications


  • Train The Trainer Program by Puja Puneet (who trained under Jack Canfield)

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  • Attended Multiple NAC Conferences 2016 onwards every year till 2019 organized by Success Gyan, Surendran Jayasekar

  • CEO of Life by Deepak Shinde

  • The Inner Circle Program (TIC) by Rajiv Talreja and Quantum Leap Team

  • Super Power Live twice by Eric Ho & team

  • Public Speaking Course by Deepak Shinde


  • Transformation Course by Brian Tracy

  • Imagination to Manifestation by Vikash Kishore Singh

"Leena is a combination of intelligence and heart. She understands the challenges of women in today’s world and beautifully crafts solutions. The world needs more Leena! 
She is definitely going to leave a legacy of touching many lives"

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Life Coach, Trained by Jack Canfield

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