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Is there Power in your



Whether you wish to boost your confidence or find your passion, or desire to have a better work-life balance, or simply looking to re-organize your day to suit your priorities or ALL OF THE ABOVE, you have come to the right place!

One on One Coaching



7 sessions of 60 minutes each over 3 months

BONUS: 2 extra sessions, FREE

Rs. 25,000

Let's get STARTED

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covered with clients

  • Clarity - Discover your goal, purpose and strengths

  • Strengthen your self-image so you feel confident & powerful

  • How to confidently use Law of Attraction to manifest your goals

  • Handling Inner Critics

  • Help you build and grow your business & brand your business that’s authentic to you.

Do you feel stuck in your personal 

life, your career, or both? 

My one on one coaching sessions will give

you a


whatever problems you are facing!


What is One on One


  • Just as a doctor knows what questions to ask to diagnose you, I know what questions to ask to determine where you're getting stuck.

  • My sessions are a safe, non judgmental place for you to discuss your problems and goals.

  • Then, I will give you actionable tools and a clear plan to get yourself to exactly where you want to be in life.

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What's the difference between Therapy & Coaching

  • Therapy focuses on the past and healing old wounds, and may involve medication. As a life coach, I focus on your present and future.

  • And while there is no medication involved, there are countless practices and tools I can give you to break negative patterns that have been holding you back, and take your joy and productivity to soaring levels.

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What can I expect to get out of One on One coaching?

  • We will work together to get you clarity on your life's true purpose, the courage to go after it, and the consistency to achieve it.

  • We’ll go into detail on your goals, and develop a step by step plan for you to follow to make them happen. I’ll also hold you accountable every step of the way. 

  • You’ll also get tools for self-improvement that will help you in all your personal relationships, making them peaceful and loving.

  • Ultimately, you will walk away from these sessions with a life and career that you love.

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I'm still not sure if this is

what I need...

  • Book your 30 minute Clarity call with me for a relaxed chat. It's totally FREE, and is the perfect way for us to see if one on one coaching is the path for you.
  • In the meantime, you can take this quiz I developed to assess which part of your life needs the most work. If you're surprised by the results, come meet me and let's discuss them!

  • Email us at, Call or WhatsApp Leena's team at 95913 50355.


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Leena has inspired me (and dozens of others) in countless ways with her perseverance, tenacity, and innate ability to develop people into leaders.

Thank you for pushing me outside my comfort zone, instilling in me the importance of self care, and for making sure I never settled for anything but the best. 

- Mrs. Dhanya Uthappa

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